After leading Frienhoff football academy to a significant 2-1 victory over Sacred Vision at ABAASA Astro turf, Gad Carmelli shared his thoughts on the team’s performance and aspirations for the ongoing Central region middle league.

“It’s not ended yet, but we want to finish strong, so we keep working hard to end well,” expressed Gad, emphasizing the team’s dedication to pushing through the remaining two games of the league.

Reflecting on the season, Gad highlighted the team’s remarkable 80% win rate, labeling it a substantial achievement for the squad. “It’s been a great season for the team, and we are aiming for the middle league title,” he stated confidently, showing his belief in the team’s capabilities.

Looking ahead, Gad expressed readiness for division 1 football, stating, “For sure, we are prepared for division 1 football. We have all the necessary elements to compete at that level.”

Transitioning to his experience in Ghana, Gad conveyed his deep appreciation for the country and its people. “I’m happy to be in Ghana, and I am grateful to Ghanaians for their support and everything. Ghana is a peaceful country, and I feel Ghanaian now,” he shared warmly, highlighting the harmony and respect among the people despite religious differences.

Gad’s commitment to nurturing the players and helping them reach their potential was evident in his words. “I will do everything to ensure I give my best to the players to become top stars. They are very respectful, and I am proud to be part of this,” he concluded, showcasing his dedication to the football community in Ghana.