In match week 2, Frienhoff academy were up against K United in zone 4 of the central regional division 2 league.

In an electric atmosphere as the crowd gathered at the Abaasa stadium, eagerly awaiting the showdown with the players of Frienhoff Academy knowing they have to give it their all.

The match kicked off with both teams displaying their prowess on the field. The game was intense, with each side battling for control. But Frienhoff Academy showed their true strength, swiftly taking the lead with a goal from King Ampofo. The crowd erupted in cheers, fueling the team’s confidence.

Not content with just one goal, Frienhoff Academy continued to press forward. Bernard Nelson, a rising star, showcased his skills and scored two brilliant goals, leaving the opposition stunned. The fans couldn’t help but admire his talent.

As if that wasn’t enough. Solomon Kodom, a player known for his agility and precision, made a stunning run towards the goal and unleashed a powerful shot, finding the back of the net with the fans at the stadium erupting in celebration as Frienhoff Academy secured a resounding victory.
According to Coach Gad Carmelli , it was an emotional moment for him and the rest of the players.

“ It was a very emotional win but this week is another time to go hard and prepare mentally for the next game. Mental work is important like football work”

The team’s hard work, dedication, and teamwork paid off, earning them three well-deserved points. The players hugged, high-fived, and celebrated their triumph, knowing that their efforts had paid off.